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2023: “Mama”, an instant noodle brand trusted by consumers, won the “2023 Thailand's Most Admired Brand” award from Brand Age magazine.

“Mama” reinforces the instant noodle brand that is trusted by Thai consumers, winning the “2023 Thailand's Most Admired Brand” award in the consumer category. Instant noodle group at the event 2022-2023 Thailand's Most Admired Company & 2023 Thailand's Most Admired Brand, ready to move forward to develop quality products.

To create value and taste that meet the diverse needs of all groups of consumers

For organizing an award ceremony this time, it is an honor to honor the brand that has been trusted and trusted by consumers. Organized by Brand Age magazine ( BrandAge) under the brand credibility survey, the first in Thailand that has been conducted continuously for 23 years by the Brand Age magazine research team. Under the accepted standards of the marketing circle and there is continuous research development each year. There is a nationwide consumer survey designed according to standardized research principles. through cooperation with qualified professors from leading universities Thailand's Most Admired Brand survey ranks brands in 10 product categories and will publish research findings in BrandAge and BrandAge Online magazines , along with behind-the-scenes articles on the successes of brands for Be a guide and role model for various brands, both Thai and foreign brands. To create inspiration or passion for various organizations in order to drive the brand to success.