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2022: Thaipat Institute presents the 2022 Sustainability Disclosure Award on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

21 December 2022 - Thaipat Institute Organized a sustainability disclosure award ceremony or Sustainability Disclosure for the year 2022. There were 56 organizations receiving awards ( Awards) 43 ( Recognition) and 22 Acknowledgments ( Acknowledgment) 22 companies, totaling 121 awards.
Mr. Woranat Piantham, Director of Thaipat Institute spoke about the objectives of the awards program organized as one of the activities of the Sustainability Disclosure Community ( SDC) at the Sustainability Disclosure Awards 2022 held today ( December 21 ). 2022) that “Sustainability Disclosure Award Organized to encourage listed companies and business organizations that are members of SDC to be aware and pay attention to the dissemination of operational information. This covers economic, social, environmental performance or ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues in addition to financial information. which represents the sustainability of the business which will be beneficial to the stakeholders of the business and responding to the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs), Goal 12.6 together.”
The sustainability disclosure award in 2022 is divided into 3 categories: Sustainability Disclosure Award, 56 organizations received honorable awards, Sustainability Disclosure Recognition , 43 organizations received honorary awards , and Sustainability Disclosure Acknowledgment. There are 22 organizations receiving acknowledgments respectively.
For the determination of the Sustainability Disclosure Award, three criteria were used, according to Ceres-ACCA, consisting of the completeness of the content, 45% of the score, the credibility of the content, 35% of the score of communication and communication. Presentation ( Communication) content, 20% score weight, respectively
Thaipat Institute Selection of award-winning companies It considers publicly available sustainability information such as sustainability reports. or integrated social responsibility report in the annual report or other forms of reporting Even if it's a report book electronic, online, infographics, etc., without the use of any additional data surveys or questionnaires.
2022 Sustainability Disclosure Awards event under the Sustainability Disclosure Community (SDC), which currently has 135 members, in addition to promoting and building morale for organizations that conduct sustainability disclosure. public The company also wants to honor all 121 award-winning business organizations for participating in the response to the SDG Target 12.6 Sustainable Development Goals , which specify the drive for business. Especially multinational and large corporations. Take Sustainable Practices into Action and integrate sustainability information into the company's annual reporting cycle.
Those who are interested can check the information of organizations that have received honorary awards / certificates / acknowledgments. In the project to announce the Sustainability Disclosure Awards 2022 on the website
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