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"MAMA" won 2022 Thailand's Most Admired Brand, reinforcing the best instant noodle brand that has been trusted by consumers for a long time.

"MAMA" celebrating its 50th anniversary continues to develop quality products with great value and taste to meet the diverse needs of all groups of consumers. 
Recently, "Mama" won the "2022 Thailand's Most Admired Brand" in category food and drink, Instant Noodles, and this reinforces the status of an instant noodle brand that has been trusted by Thai consumers for 22 consecutive years.
Mr. Petch Paniangvait, Marketing Director of Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited that is the distributor of "MAMA" instant noodles products in Thailand said, “Receiving this award reflects our commitment and being a brand of instant noodles that continues to consistently gain the trust of consumers. Throughout the past 50 years, Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited has never stopped moving forward to develop "MAMA" to have value and taste that meets all groups of consumers according to diverse needs. Emphasis is placed on developing quality products that meets the lifestyle of consumers who prefer healthy products and support more healthy consumers in line with lifestyle trends that require ease and convenience.”
MAMA Brand received the "2022 Thailand's Most Admired Brand" award that Demonstrates the trust of consumers towards a Brand in the category food and beverage, instant noodles. The award is organized by BrandAge magazine under the brand credibility survey program. This is the first award in Thailand that has been operated continuously for 22 consecutive years by the Brand Age magazine research team under the standards that are accepted in the marketing circle and with continuous research development each year. BrandAge has designed a nationwide consumer survey with transparency based on standardized research principles through collaboration with qualified professors at leading universities. The results of the survey can serve as an indicator of brand awareness and brand preferences in the eyes of consumers. It is also a great help in making decisions about purchasing products or services for consumers.

Date: 18 May 2022