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No.1 Thai Brand 2020-2021: One of the brand in the heart of Thai people.

The challenge for marketers rises as the world is witnessing consecutive years COVID-19 crisis and there is more demand in terms of quality, marketing, and contribution towards society. MAMA has been regarded as a brand that has been accepted by consumers all dimensions and is considered as number one brand in the minds of consumers.

Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021 award is an award that is organized by Marketeer Group in collaboration Kadence International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Marketing Move Co., Ltd. and to find popular Thai Products and Services brand in the previous year. The award considers more than 4,000 samples across Thailand to search for best brand that is regarded for high quality among Thai people. 

Permphon Phopremhem, is the editor and founder of Marketeer Group that owns the Marketeer Magazine. Marketeer Online and Marketeer Events mentioned that Marketeer organized award for Marketeer No. 1 Brand 2020 – 2021 in Thailand. It was organized through a virtual format for the first time in order to overcome limitations related to Covid – 19 pandemic.  

Even though the announcement and the award will be done in virtual format in, the process of research and survey of Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021 will be equally intense as before and will be awarded to 50 brands in 54 categories. This award is like a milestone that marketers put their energy, creativity in bringing brands to sit in the minds of consumers.

However, Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021 is not an award that is decided by Marketeer Group but it's an award given by the people of the whole country to the brand.  
In the Instant Noodles Category – Mama has been awarded the award. Mr. Petch Paniangvait, Marketing Director, Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited received this award.